UPDATE! – Ruby ActiveRecord and Oracle: Auto Incrementing Primary Keys using Triggers

Posted by Jamie on July 11, 2008

Well, it looks like this has been fixed in the latest versions of the Oracle enhanced adapter for ActiveRecord. It looks like there was a reorganization of the different components of the ActiveRecord/Adapter relationship that had originally led to this problem, according to the documentation submitted with the fix. Thanks to whomever was able to provide the patch; You just made my life a little bit easier.


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  1. Tamas Thu, 14 May 2009 07:44:53 GMT-0500

    Are you sure about that? i am using the latest version and still need the set_create_method hack. can you pont me to the solution?

  2. Jamie Thu, 14 May 2009 08:18:13 GMT-0500

    Well, when I found I needed to do an install on another system last July, it worked all of a sudden after I installed the base packages. It may have changed since then, as I haven’t been using AR lately.

    Here is something that may help you out, however: http://blog.rayapps.com/category/oracle-enhanced/

    It is an adapter for AR that is tailored for Oracle. It seems to be well maintained, with the last update being March 23rd. Good luck.